Range and Conditioning – Sunday 24th January 2016

Location – Hamilton Gymnastics Club, Eddlewood Sports Barn, Devonhill Avenue, Hamilton, ML37P

Please remember that this is a closed competition – there are no spectators permitted.  As this is a closed competition gymnasts don’t need to wear tracksuits and can wear any leotard they want.  Hair should be tied back neatly – this doesn’t have to be in a bun.  Due to spacing issues gymnasts will not be allowed to watch other rounds.  Therefore, please ensure that gymnasts are dropped and collected on time.  We would encourage you to car share as parking is limited.  Training will be on as usual so gymnasts should attend their normal training after testing.  Scores will be sent out to coaches (they will not be provided on the day).  Once we have received the scores we will advise gymnasts.  We would remind all gymnasts to continue to practice the sequence to ensure they improve flexibility and are able to pass.  We must also remind you that gymnasts who do not pass won’t be permitted to compete at the Scottish Tumble Championships.  Please see competition times below:-

Round 1 – 09:00 – 09:45

  • Mollie Gaughan
  • Amy Hulmes
  • Cliona Friel
  • Christina Hill
  • Eva Holland
  • Eva McGinley
  • Hollie Freel
  • Ellie Coyle

Round 2 – 09:45 – 10:35

  • Jordan Ross
  • Jade McLetchie
  • Naomi Turner
  • Sophie Hamilton
  • Rachel Hulmes
  • Maria Murphy
  • Erin Gribbon

Round 3 – 10:35 – 11:25

  • Brooke Peddie
  • Eilidh McGonigle
  • Ellie Barnes
  • Mia Gribbon
  • Molly Strang
  • Lily Begen
  • Ailie Hutchison
  • Emily Strang

Round 5 – 12:15 – 13:00

  • Freya Togher
  • Amy Gibson
  • Cara McGinley
  • Ellie Lavy
  • Aimee McInally
  • Beth Diamond
  • Holly Mardle