-Price List-

Monthly Fees and Standing Order Information

  • 1 hour per week £18.00
  • 1.5 hours per week £20.00
  • 2 hours per week £24.00
  • 2.5 hours per week £28.00
  • 3 hours per week £32.00
  • 3.5 hours per week £36.00
  • 4 hours per week £40.00
  • 4.5 hours per week £44.00
  • 5 hours per week £48.00
  • 5.5 hours per week £52.00
  • 6 hours per week £56.00
  • 6.5 hours per week £60.00
  • 7 hours per week £64.00
  • 7.5 hours per week £65.00
  • 8 hours per week £66.00
  • 8.5 hours per week £67.00
  • 9 hours per week £68.00
  • 9.5 hours per week £69.00
  • 10 hours plus per week £70.00

Please note monthly fees have been calculated to include any holidays/cancelled sessions.

All monthly fees are paid via direct debit.  To pay the monthly fee you will need to set-up a standing order to the club account, to be paid on the 5th of each month.  If the standing order is not set up gymnasts will not be permitted to train.  Please see details below:-   
The FROM ACCOUNT NAME (Remitter Name or Source Name) should be GYMNAST NAME.
The Beneficiary Name (Destination name) should be “BISHOPBRIGGS ACRO GYMNASTICS”
The Sortcode should be 800564
The Account should be 00144567
If a gymnast decides to leave the club we require one months notice – please advise the club via email.  It is your responsibility to cancel the standing order.   

Please click here to order our club tracksuits, zippers, t-shirts etc.  For collection please use the code ACRO – please note you are required to arrange collection yourself – PSL Team Sports | Unit 12, Kelvin Gate, 58 Kelvin Avenue, Hillington, G52 4GA.

Leotard orders will be taken in September, February and May.  Order forms will be given to gymnasts and must be returned with payment.

Please click here to order Gym Blocks which are required for tops and must be brought to each training session.



Annual Registration & Insurance Fees 2015/2016

Competitive Gymnasts                      £51.00
Recreational Gymnasts                     £27.00
NB. There is a £10 reduction offered for any siblings at the club.   These fees covers insurance for the gymnast, the club & coaches.