-Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy-

• Gymnasts should arrive on time for training and competitions or inform the coaches if they are going to be late

• Gymnasts must advise the coaches in advance if they are unable to attend a training session

• Gymnasts must advise the coaches if they have an injury or are feeling unwell

• No jewellery, watches or body piercing to be worn during training

• Gymnasts to wear leotard and shorts during training

• Hair should be neatly tied back

• Club leotards, shorts and tracksuits should be worn when representing the club in competitions

• Gymnasts must pay any fees promptly

• Gymnasts should treat all equipment with respect

• Gymnasts must not leave training without the consent of the coaches

• Primary school gymnasts must be signed in and out by a responsible adult

• If you need to contact the coaches, please do so at training sessions

• Gymnasts should treat everyone (club members, coaches, the public and gymnasts from other clubs) with respect

• Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the club through the approved channels.

Social Media Policy 

In addition to protecting children in our club, those connected to Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics Club have a responsibility to maintain a positive image of our Club and the sport of gymnastics. Our social media policy has been developed to provide a recommendation of best practice to all British Gymnastics club members and parents/carers on the use of social networking sites as they relate to that individual’s role in our Club. It is important to understand, however, that if used correctly, social networking can be a fun, safe and productive activity.

The following guidelines refer to any posts, photographs, video, status updates and any other item that can be published on social media which mentions or directs attention to Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics Club:

  • Coaches, parents and gymnasts alike should avoid posting remarks, photographs, and videos disparaging comments or comments that could be perceived as such about the club, coaches, officials or other gymnasts. This applies to private text messaging as well as all social media and instant messaging services.
  • Gymnasts and parents should avoid posting any remarks, photographs or video that could be disparaging or embarrassing to another gymnastics club, its members, coaches or officials.
  • Gymnasts should avoid social chat with club coaches or officials via any instant messaging or text service.
  • Parents from interacting with gymnasts other than their own children via social media/text message.
  • Gymnasts or parents should inform the club if at any point they notice a contravention to these guidelines or the guidelines for coaches and officials.
  • Parents/Gymnasts must not upload Photographs/Videos to any social media sites if they contain other gymnasts than their own child without prior consent from their parent/guardian.
  • Parents/Gymnasts must not upload Photographs/Videos to any social media sites if they contain club coaches/officials/volunteers without their prior consent.
  • Parents/Gymnasts must not copy and upload professional photographs/videos without the consent of the photographer.
  • However, it is acknowledged that above all, it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their childrens use of the internet and social media.

Additional guidelines for Coaches and Officials:

  • Coaches and officials should avoid chatting to gymnasts via any instant messaging service.
  • If you receive any messages/requests from Gymnasts by way of Social Networking/Chat/Text please do not respond to the child directly, please respond via their parents, or let the Club Welfare Officer know.
  • Coaches and Officials should not text gymnasts in their care for any reason, except for cases where the express permission has been sought and given by the parent. Please always communicate through the parent.
  • Coaches and officials could face serious consequences if it is found that young people in their care have been exposed to inappropriate material/content via their social media pages. By following the above we will ensure relationships between coaches and gymnasts remain professional whilst protecting gymnasts, coaches and parents from allegations of inappropriate conduct. By setting clear guidelines for parents, coaches and gymnasts concerning the use of social media/text messaging we will preserve the reputation and positive image of our club, coaches, volunteers and committee members.