– Club Structure –

Tumble Competitive Squads

The club currently has three competition tumble sessions running each week.  Two are based in The Leisuredrome and one in Dynamite, Clydebank.  Gymnasts who attend all sessions are training 6 hours per week.

We have also now introduced two tumble sessions held at The Leisuredrome focussing on Club Grade tumble runs.  From these classes gymnasts are able to compete at lower level competition.  Our tumble sessions provide an excellent pathway to our competitive tumble sessions within the club.

Gymnasts who are not selected to join our competitive tumble sessions are encouraged to remain in tumble.  In our training sessions we focus on building a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, speed and agility.  This allows gymnasts to develop prior to building on this with acro or tumble skills.  During all sessions we train gymnasts who we feel show potential however, are not at the stage for our competitive programme for Tumble Club Grades.  This is a level of tumble which is more suited to beginner gymnasts and gymnasts who only train once a week.  This is a fun level which allows gymnasts to improve and gain competition experience without it becoming too serious.

Acrobatic Competitive Squads

Gymnasts are asked to join our competitive acrobatic sessions by head coaches.  This process involves several factors such as current partnerships, ability, experience, age etc.  Gymnasts in recreational classes are assessed throughout the year.  All coaches are a part of this process and feed information back to head coaches.  Gymnasts who are not invited to our competitive classes are encouraged to remain in our recreational classes which build a foundation for gymnastics and other sports which gymnasts may be involved in.  Recreational gymnasts are able to perform for carers as they are integrated into the annual club display and always have lots of fun in the process!

NDP2 Acro – Gymnasts are invited to join our development squad which is headed by our Lead Coach Holly Mardle.  Holly has trained with Bishopbriggs Acro since a young age and was a high level competitive gymnast.  Gymnasts in this squad focus on developing a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, speed and agility alongside gymnastic and acrobatic skill development.  They train 5.5 hours per week in The Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs.  We are aware that gymnasts in this program will likely display an aptitude for most sports and are probably participating in other after school activities.  This squad provides a great foundation for all sports, not just gymnastics, so is a great start for any athletic career.

NDP1 Acro – Our competition squad is for our high level gymnasts and is headed by Emma Owen and Heather Mardle.  Both coaches have been coaching for the club for several years now and are also ex gymnasts of the club.  Gymnasts involved in this squad train 8 hours per week at The Leisuredrome.  Gymnasts are selected for this squad are aiming to represent the club at the Scottish Championships.  All gymnasts who are members of this squad are aiming to improve in both technique and performance.  The gymnasts are committed to their partnerships, coaches and to their training program.  They understand that the effort they put into their training equates to results.