Lanark Invitational Tumble Competition

This year the Lanark Invitational is taking place on Saturday 21st October at Lesmahagow High School, Strathaven Road, Lesmahagow, ML11 0FS.

Gymnasts should arrive with club leotards and hair tied back neatly.

General warm up times are listed below.  Last year this competition ran early so can gymnasts please ensure they are there at least 30 minutes prior to the warm up time listed below just in case!


Flight 1 – General warm up 08:30

67           Grace Campbell

1              Abbie Campbell

6              Lola Donnelly

14           Marielle McGinty


Flight 2 – General warm up 09:30

71           Ava Halliday

75           Lucy McKenzie

77           Brooke Haldane

80           Jamie Dale


Flight 3 – General warm up 10:40

107         Alyssa Martin

116         Christy Bullock – Walker

42           Nadia Connaghan

139         Lauren Smith

105         Eva McGinley


Flight 4 – General warm up 12:00

85           Megan Freel

91           Ellie Barnes

96           Eva Craig

99           Eva Martin


Medal Presentation – 13:45


Flight 5 – General warm up 13:30

122         Jordan Ross

142         Ailie Hutchison

37           Jessica Reid

39           Ellie Barr


Flight 6 – General warm up 14:45

156         Tina Hill


Flight 7 – General warm up 15:45

166         Amy Gibson

170         Cara McGinley

171         Daniel Geddes

172         Holly Mardle


Medal Presentation – 17:30


Christmas Party

This year our Christmas party will be on Saturday 16th December at Meadowburn primary school – 09:00 – 11:30. This is for all gymnasts regardless of normal training sessions! We will have lots of games and as always LOTS of prizes!!!!! Gymnasts should wear gymnasts kit as normal as lots of the games involve gymnastics. Please add this date to your diary.  Thank you!

Registration with British Gymnastics

We’re still waiting on some insurance/registration payments. All payments must be made by Sunday 1st October. If payment has not been received by this date then gymnasts will not be insured and will not be able to train with the club.
All parents/carers will need to register with British Gymnastics themselves this year. This will be open from Sunday 1st October. If gymnasts are not registered then they will not be insured so it’s very important that everyone does this. This can be done at the link below:
Your membership number will automatically show up and then you just following the instructions online and check all details are correct. You will need to set a password but this will also show up on the screen.
If anyone has any difficulty with the process please contact us asap. Please remember this will not be open until Sunday 1st October. Thank you!

Scottish Tumble Championships

The Scottish Tumble Championships are being held at Bells Sports Centre, Hay St, Perth PH1 5HS.  This will be a very exciting event as tumble will be joined by DMT and trampolining for the first time.  Please ensure gymnasts arrive on time for registration.  Gymnasts should have competition leotards and hair tied back neatly.  If you have any questions please ask a coach at the beginning of any training session.


Good luck to all of our gymnasts competing at this event, you have all been working so hard and we know you’ll make us proud!


Saturday 30th September 2017

Fight 1 – 08:10

1 – Molly Strang

3 – Lara Trotter

5 – Holly McGonigle

7 – Eva Craig

21 – Hannah Burr


Flight 2 – 09:20

22 – Ellie Barnes

24 – Megan Freel


Flight 3 – 10:25

60 – Ailie Hutchison


Flight 4 – 11:30

70 – Naomi Turner

123 – Jordan Ross


13:15 Medal Presentation


Flight 5 – 13:45

84 – Eilidh McGonigle

86 – Lauren Smith

88 – Ellie Coyle

90 – Eva McGinley

99 – Teo Di Lieto

101 – Mia Gribbon


Medals – 17:45



Sunday 1st October 2017

Flight 1 – 08:10

11 – Brooke Peddie

13 – Jennifer MacBeth

15 – Gracie Crawford


Flight 2 – 09:20

20 – Emily Strang

22 – Rachel Hulmes

24 – Eva Spence

36 – Amy Gisbon

39 – Daniel Geddes


Flight 3 – 10:25

41 – Holly Kelly

43 – Cliona Friel


Medal Presentations – 12:00


Flight 4 -12:30

60 – Tina Hill

70 – Amy Hulmes

72 – Cara McGinley

74 – Freya Togher

76 – Jodi Toland

78 – Aimee McInally


Flight 5 – 13:25

81 – Holly Mardle


Medal Presentations – 16:30

– Disco Fever – Annual Display 2017 –

We are very excited for our upcoming display ‘Disco Fever’.  We have over one hundred gymnasts taking part! This will be our biggest display to date and we even have two displays this year.  Our gymnasts have been working hard on new skills and routines and we can’t wait for them to show you.

Tickets will be on sale from Monday 2nd October.  Tickets will initially be limited to 2 tickets per show per gymnast eg. 2 x Friday & 2 x Saturday.  This limit will be in place until Monday 23rd October, thereafter remaining tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.  Tickets were completely sold out last year so we would advise parents/carers to purchase tickets as soon as possible.  Please note we are unable to put aside tickets.

Ticket prices                          Adults £8.00                         Concession £5.00

We are holding a full rehearsal at Avondale, Donaldson Road, Larkhall, ML9 2SS on Sunday 19th November – 13:00 – 15:30.  This is a compulsory session for all gymnasts taking part in our club display.  Gymnasts will have plenty of water breaks but will not stop for lunch so please ensure they have had lunch before the session.  This will be a closed rehearsal so parents / carers will not be permitted to stay and watch.  

There will be no training at The Leisuredrome on Sunday 19th as all gymnasts should be attending the rehearsal.   

On the day of the display please ensure gymnasts are on time for warm up as we need as long as possible to get prepared for our big show! Costume costs will be confirmed asap and full payment will be due prior to the full rehearsal.

Friday 1st December – 19:00 – 21:30 (warm up 17:30)            

Saturday 2nd December – 16:00 – 18:30 (warm up 14:30)

Doors will be open for spectators 30 minutes before the display begins – please note that doors won’t be open before then and seats will not be reserved.  Awards will be given out at the Saturday display only.

We will be having a raffle at both displays so any raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated.  Tea, coffee and juice will also be available along with home baking.  Again we would appreciate any donations of home baking for both days!

Finally, any parents / carers willing to help at one of the displays please let us know.  Thank you!