-Coaching Team-

Clare Langan – Head Coach


Clare has been coaching at the club for over fifteen years and is head coach along with Claire.  Clare coaches our senior competitive acro gymnasts and our NDP tumblers.

  • Senior Club Coach Acro Gymnastics (UKCC Level 4)
  • UKCC Level 3 Tumbling Gymnastics
  • UKCC Level 2 General Gymnastics
  • Tumbling Club Judge
  • First Aid

Claire McLauchlan – Head Coach


Claire is head coach along with Clare and has been coaching for the club for seven years. Claire coaches our senior competitive acro gymnasts and our NDP tumblers.

  • UKCC Level 3 Acro
  • UKCC Level 2 General Gymnastics
  • UKCC Level 1 Trampoline
  • Acro Club Judge


Heather Mardle – Lead Acro Coach

Heather coaches at all seven of our weekly sessions.  Heather’s experience as a high level gymnast enables her to offer excellent demonstrations to aspiring gymnasts.

  • UKCC Level 3 Acro
  • UKCC Level 1 Tumble
  • Acro Club Judge


Emma Owen – Lead Acro Coach


Emma has been coaching with the club since August 2013.  Emma coaches six sessions per week and covers both Acro and Tumble.  Emma was also a high level gymnast which enhances her coaching skills further.

  • UKCC Level 2 Acro
  • Acro Club Judge

Holly Kelly – Assistant Coach

Holly coaches several club sessions each week.  Holly is a very talented gymnast and is able to use her experience to enhance her coaching further.

  • UKCC Level 1 Tumble


Stuart Langan – Lead Tumble Coach


Stuart started coaching with the club in October 2013. Stuart coaches our Senior Tumblers at our track sessions at Kelvinhall and Dynamite.

  • UKCC Level 1 Acro
  • UKCC level 3 Tumble
  • UKCC Level 2 Trampoline
  • UKCC Level 1 Women’s artistic
  • UKCC Level 1 Men’s artistic
  • Trampoline County Judge
  • Men’s Artistic Club Judge
  • Tumbling Club Judge


Amy Greenlaw – Club Coach


Amy is one of our longstanding coaches who coaches our Monday night recreational session.

  • UKCC Level 2 Acro
  • Acro Club Judge


Fiona Glen- Assistant Coach

Fiona coaches at our Wednesday session and also trains our development acro squad on a Sunday afternoon.  Fiona was one of our elite gymnasts and has lots of experience.

  • UKCC Level 1 Acro


Holly Mardle – Assistant Coach

Holly coaches our Monday and Wednesday recreational sessions.  Holly also trains with the club and is a fantastic tumbler!

  • UKCC Level 2 Acro (pending)
  • UKCC Level 1 Tumble (pending)


Karen Whitelaw – Assistant Coach


Karen started coaching for the club in 2013 and coaches our Wednesday night recreational session.

  • UKCC Level 2 General


Jacquie Coyle – Judge & Club Welfare Officer

  • Tumble Club Judge

NB. All of our coaches hold valid Safeguarding and Protecting Children qualifications and valid PVG scheme memberships.