The club shall be known as Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics Club. (BAGC)


To promote and encourage Acro Gymnastics as both a competitive and recreational sport.


The club shall be affiliated to the governing body, the Scottish Gymnastics Association, (S.G.A.), and any other bodies that the Executive Committee deems beneficial to the Club.


Membership is open to all and membership cannot be refused without good reason.

A) Full membership shall be open to all providing fees and insurance are paid in full.

B) Associated adult membership, defined as a parent or guardian of a full member of the Gymnastics Club, or any person wishing to take an active interest in BAGC.

C) Honorary Membership of the Club may be conferred on anyone who has given special service to the Club, as defined, recommended and approved by the Executive Committee.


The Club shall be managed by the Executive Committee to further the aims of the Club, by way of good technical and financial management of the Club.

The Executive Committee shall consist of:-

A) President

B) Vice-President

C) Secretary

D) Treasurer

E) Immediate Past President

F) Head Coach

G) Parents’ Representative

H) One Adult Member

The Executive Committee can invite other interested parties to their meetings for information purposes. The Executive Committee shall be adult members, over eighteen years of age, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by majority vote of members. In the event of there being no nomination, the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint. Should a vacancy occur during the year, it may be filled by the Executive Committee. The member so elected shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting, when they will be eligible for re-election. The Executive Committee shall meet not less than four times per year. A Quorum should consist of five members.

A Coaches’ Committee shall operate to decide on coaching business.

The Coaches’ Committee shall consist of :-

A)  Head Coach

B) All Coaches

C) Senior Captain

D) Junior Captain

The Head Coach shall report on Coaches’ Meetings at each Executive Committee Meeting. A Parent Support Group shall meet when necessary to deal with specific area of business e.g. fund raising, special events or transport. The Parent Support Group shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. The Parent Support Group representative will meet with the Executive and Head Coach monthly, following the Parent Support Group Meetings. These will be working meeting to carry forward all club business.


The Financial year will run from 1st August to 31st July. The Treasurer shall be empowered to keep banking accounts which will be operated in accordance with the instructions of the Executive Committee.

The Funds of the Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics Club shall be placed in a bank account in the name of Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics Club, to be operated by two from four signatures (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Book Keeper).


The Annual Subscription for all members and Training Session Fees shall be decided by the Executive Committee.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of September, if possible, and the Secretary shall give members not less than four weeks prior notice. Notices of motion shall be sent to the Secretary not less than three weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. Members shall receive not less than two weeks prior to the Annual General, a copy of the Agenda, Notices of Motion, and any other relevant reports. The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall consist of the following items :-

A) Apologies

B) Correspondence

C) Approval of previous AGM minutes

D) President’s Report

E) Coach’s Report

F) Treasurer’s Report

G) Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members

H) Any other business

Voting at the Annual General Meeting shall be restricted to Full Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members, aged sixteen years or over. At the Annual General Meeting, twenty Members shall constitute a quorum.


A Special General Meeting may be arranged at anytime by the Executive Committee and shall be arranged within fourteen days of receipt of any notice of motion from not fewer than twenty members of the Club addressed to the Secretary.


Alterations to the Constitution and rules shall be made at the Annual General Meeting, or, at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, by a majority of those present.


Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics Club may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by a Special or Annual General Meeting. Assets and funds held by the Club, at the time of dissolution, and after debts and liabilities have been met, will be distributed to the Acro Technical Panel of the Scottish Gymnastics Association to assist gymnasts who need financial assistance to participate at national competitive level. (Amended at AGM on 15 September 1999).