Annual Display 2015

Thank you all for attending our annual display and for your continued support to the club. We hope you enjoyed the display as much as we did and can appreciate how hard our gymnasts have been working. Thank you to all our helpers who played a part on the day and throughout the year, it is much appreciated. Most importantly thank you again to all our gymnasts who have been fantastic!

Please see below our prize winners:-

Improvement Award – Erin Gribbon, Cara McGinley, Gemma McLetchie, Maria Murphy, Amy Gibson, Christina Hill, Ellie Barnes, Nadia Connaghan, Ellie Coyle, Holly Mardle, Mollie Gaughan, Ellie Lavy, Amy Hulmes & Sophia Miller.

June Gymnast of the Month – Ellie Barnes

British Finalists – Tumble – Ellie Lavy, Amy Gibson & Beth Diamond

Most Improved – Jade McLetchie

Hardest Working – Hazel Howat

Top Tumbler – Holly Mardle

Top Performer – Keavy Diamond

Young Achiever – Christina Hill

Best Newcomer – Freya Togler

Gymnast of the Year – Amy Gibson

Top Achiever – Ellie Lavy

Top Preparatory Partnership – Jade McLetchie & Lily Begen

Top Trio – Hazel Howat, Ellie Lavy & Christina Hill

Top Pair – Sophie Thomson & Aimee McInally

Well done all!

Display 2015