Aviva Community Funding

The Aviva Community Funding competition is now live! Registration only takes two minutes and you get 10 votes.  We would really appreciate everyone getting involved and voting for the club.  Please also encourage friends and family to vote as well – we have a link on our Facebook page that you can share!

We are currently trying to secure our own premises for the club.  Due to restrictions on buildings we are struggling to find somewhere close by that’s suitable for our training needs.  In the meantime however, we’re hoping to buy some new equipment to improve our current training.  The equipment we require is expensive and this funding will allow us to buy it quickly.  We’d love to afford a new air track! If we secure this funding we could even have a new track before the Scottish Tumble Championships next year.  With new equipment we’re sure that the success of the club will continue to grow.  Please vote and help us make this happen – thank you!

Click here to vote!