Range and Conditioning – 29th January 2017

The Range and Conditioning testing is taking place at Hamilton Gymnastics Club – Eddlewood Sports Barn, Devonhill Avenue, Hamilton ML3 7RP.  Please see warm up times below:

Warm up 11:00 – Session Six

A 119 Holly McGonigle

A 120 Eilidh McGonigle

A 121 Eva Craig

A 122 Ellie Barnes

A 123 Megan Freel

A 124 Teo Di Lieto

A 125 Eva Martin

A 126 Alyssa Martin

B 127 Brooke Peddie

B 128 Molly Strang

B 129 Emily Strang

B 130 Jennifer MacBeth

B 131 Mia Gribbon

B 132 Erin Gribbon

B 133 Gemma McLetchie

B 134 Jade McLethie

C 135 Ewan De Saram

C 136 Teigan Curley

C 137 Lauren Smith

C 138 Ellie Coyle

C 139 Eva McGinley

C 140 Cara McGinley

C 141 Christina Hill

C 142 Zak Skilling


Warm up 12:00 – Session Eight

A 169 Naomi Turner

A 170 Jordan Ross

A 171 Ailie Hutchison

A 172 Amy Hulmes

A 173 Rachel Hulmes

B 174 Daniel Geddes

B 175 Sophie Hamilton

B 176 Sarah Harper

B 177 Beth Diamond

B 178 Cliona Friel

B 179 Amy Gibson

B 180 Freya Togher

B 181 Aimee McInally

C 182 Holly Mardle

C 183 Holly Kelly

C 184 Lily Began

C 185 Ellie Lavy

C 186 Gracie Crawford

C 187 Eva Spence

C 188 Jodi Tolland

C 189 Olivia Jenkins

Gymnasts should arrive on time with hair tied back neatly.  This is a closed session so parents/carers are not permitted to watch.  The session will only last one hour from warm up.

Gymnasts should have received an email with a video link showing the sequence so they can practice at home.  If anyone did not receive the email please let a coach know at the start of training.  Thank you!