Gymnasts should arrive on Saturday 14th June 2014 for the club’s annual display at 2pm in order to warm up and be prepared for the display to begin at 3pm.  Gymnasts must not arrive any later than 2pm.

Gymnasts should arrive with their hair in buns and wearing their teal display leotards.  There should be no underwear visible when in leotards so it is suggested that underwear is removed beforehand or leotards are glued firmly in place.  Hair should be neat and secure and gymnasts are not required to wear a scrunchie around their buns.  If gymnasts have the new club tracksuit they should wear this to march in on but otherwise, gymnasts will march in wearing their display leotards.

Tickets are on sale and are priced at £2.00 for children and concessions and £5.00 for adults.  Tickets are available to buy at the end of every session this week.

There will be a raffle held at the display to raise funds for the club and any donations will be gratefully received.

The display should finish at 5pm.

Thank you.