Jumblies Competition

The Jumblies Competition will take place on Sunday 2nd December 2012 at Avondale, Larkhall. The following gymnasts have been selected to take part in this team competition –

Ella Kelly and Amy Paterson
Laura Mcmillan and Chloe Hetherington
Anna Begen, Holly Mardle and Jennifer Miller
Ainslie Bennett, Jess Daly and Aimee McInally
Hazel Howat and Dani Thomson
Shannon McInnes, Karen Whitelaw and Becky Daly

The entry fee is £12.00 per gymnast and should be paid no later than Thursday 8th November. Two trios have been entered as reserves for the competition –

Sarah Finlay, Holly Kelly and Cara McGinley
Sophie Gray, Ellie Stewart and Kirsty Kane

If these gymnasts are required on the day gymnasts will be told as soon as this information is made available to the club. If you have any questions please contact the coaches via email. Thanks