Scottish Championships 2012

The Scottish NDP Prelims for grades 1-4 will take place on Sunday 26th February 2012 at Avondale, Larkhall. The Scottish NDP Finals will take place on Sunday 11th March at Avondale, Larkhall. Gymnasts will only compete at the Scottish NDP Finals if they qualify from the NDP Prelims. The Scottish Tumble Championships will take place on Sunday 19th February at Greenhills, East Kilbride.

Once again the entry fee for the Scottish Championships has increased and this year the fee stands at £20.00 per gymnast, per routine. Gymnasts are expected to pay the full cost of their first routine with the club paying half the cost of any subsequent routines. Entry fees must be paid by Thursday 19th January 2012. If entry fees are not paid by this date, gymnasts will not be entered.

The following gymnasts will be competing –

Anna Begen and Heather Mardle – G1 WP
Hazel Howat and Dani Thomson – G1 WP
Alice Orr, Ainslie Bennett and Iona Moodie, G1 WG
Sarah Finlay and Holly Kelly – G2 WP
Emma Owen, Fiona Glen and Codie McInally – G2 WG
Molly Murray, Hazel Howat and Ellie Gallagher – G2 WG
Laura Mcmillan, Sarah Finlay and Holly Kelly – G2 WG
Emma Leadbetter and Ellie Lavy – G3 WP (2routines)

Tumblers – Anna Begen, Sarah Finlay, Fiona Glen, Holly Kelly, Ellie Lavy, Heather Mardle, Holly Mardle, Molly Murray, Dani Thomson

Gymnasts will all be issued with letters with information regarding entry fees this week. If you have any questions, please speak to a coach at the end of a session. Thanks.