Fashion show Models

The club was inundated with wannabee models for the forthcoming Fashion show being held at Matalan on Sun 6th Nov and due to the numbers interested and only 20 modelling spaces being available the committee had to pick names out of a hat.

The following gymnasts have been picked to model on the night –

Emma Leadbetter, Laura McMillan, Elizabeth Wyllie, Sarah Finlay, Alice Orr, Sophie Moodie, Shannon Quinn, Fiona Glen, Codie McInally, Molly Murray, Holly Brown, Kirtsy Knight, Ellie Gallagher, Rebecca Daly, Dani Thomson, Kirsty Kane, Ellie Reid, Amy Paterson, Anna Savage and Jade McLetchie.

If any gymnasts named above is unable to attend please let the coaches know asap.

More info will follow shortly on the arrangements required for the models to select their Matalan outfits.