Avondale Training Session, Friday 30th September 2011

A training session has been arranged at Avondale, Larkhall on Friday 30th September 2011 from 7.30pm-9.30pm.  A £5.00 fee will be payable on the night.  The focus of this session will be on routines and tumbling therefore not all competitive gymnasts have been invited however, they will get an opportunity later in the year to train at Avondale.

The following gymnasts are invited to attend the session:

Laura McMillan, Sarah Finlay, Holly Kelly
Sammy Campbell, Holly Mardle
Emma Leadbetter, Ellie Lavy
Fiona Glen, Emma Owen, Codie McInally
Molly Murray, Hazel Howat, Ellie Gallagher
Sophie Moodie, Dani Thomson
Heather Mardle, Anna Begen
Iona Moodie and Niamh Murray

If any gymnasts cannot attend the above session please let a coach know as soon as possible.  If any gymnasts need transport to or from Avondale, please send an email to the club address with details as soon as possible.