August Newsletter 2019


Unfortunately, we have to increase monthly fees from September 2019.  Last year our hall hire costs were increased across all venues and they were increased again in April.  In addition to increased costs a rigging/de-rigging charge was also added this April.  We have tried to continue with our current payment structure for as long as possible however, this is no longer viable.  Therefore, fees have been increased by £4.00 per month (£1.00 per week).  As previously we are keeping costs low for gymnasts training increased hours per week This will impact gymnasts training only one session the most so if gymnasts would like to increase training hours please email.  If anyone has any issues with payment for their gymnast please let us know via email, we would offer support to anyone who would be unable to afford the increase.  The update pricing structure is listed below.    

All standing orders should be increased for September.  Please remember standing orders should be paid on the 5th of the month.  Once the standing order has been amended please email the club confirming the change has been made and confirming the sessions your gymnast isattending –   

 1 hour per week £22.00
 1.5 hours per week £24.00
 2 hours per week £28.00
 2.5 hours per week £32.00
 3 hours per week £36.00
 3.5 hours per week £40.00
 4 hours per week £44.00
 4.5 hours per week £48.00
 5 hours per week £52.00
 5.5 hours per week £56.00
 6 hours per week £60.00
 6.5 hours per week £64.00
 7 hours per week £68.00
 7.5 hours per week £69.00
 8 hours per week £70.00
 8.5 hours per week £71.00
 9 hours per week £72.00
 9.5 hours per week £73.00
 10 hours per week £74.00
 10.5 hours per week £75.00
 11 hours per week £76.00
 11.5 hours per week £77.00
 12 hours plus per week £78.00


This year parents/carers will pay the insurance fee directly to British Gymnastics.  Insurance payment will be remaining the same as previous years as far as we know – £17.00 recreational/£41.00 competitive.  This will all be done by the usual process however, this year when you add the insurance to the basket you will be asked to make the payment.  Therefore, at the registration days a £10.00 registration fee will be all that is paid to the club.  Existing members can register week commencing Monday 26th August.  You are able to register at every session that week.  If details have not changed from previous then a new registration form will not need to be completed however, all registration fee (£10.00) should be paid on these dates.   Please note that the registration fee is per family so if carers/parents with more than one gymnast at the club will only be required to pay £10.00.  If you’re transferring the registration fee please confirm this via email.  



We have organised an in-house competition for Sunday 3rd November.  This will be held at The Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs.  The competition will be both acrobatics and tumble.  We will be using our 18m inflatable tumble track and new floor area.  All gymnasts can get involved! Recreational gymnasts who would like to take part would compete in tumble.  Competitive gymnasts can compete in both tumble and acrobatics. 

All gymnasts who would like to take part should pay a £5.00 entry fee.  Competitive gymnasts competing in both disciplines are only required to pay one entry fee for both disciplines 

We have the hall booked for 10:00 – 14:00.  Once we have the full entry confirmed we will be able to advise the running order and times soon afterwards.  

We ran this event last year and all of our gymnasts seemed to really enjoy it! A great opportunity for our competitive gymnasts to get used to an audience and an introduction to competition for our recreational gymnasts.  We would encourage everyone to take part in this event!  


Entry fee is due by Sunday 8th November.  Once again if you’re transferring this fee please also confirm via email.  


Please note there will be no training at The Leisuredrome on this date.




We currently have a tumble session on a Saturday 14:00 – 15:30 at Dynamite Gymnastics Club in Clydebank.  This is an excellent session as it allows gymnasts to practice runs on a competition track.  We have a few spaces which our competitive gymnasts would be able to fill.  Gymnasts must be able to flip on their own to be considered for this class – if your gymnast meets this criteria and would like to be selected for this class please contact us via email.  We already have several new competitive tumblers who have joined our Friday night session at The Leisuredrome and are progressing well.  Our current fundraising is going to be put towards a fast track that will make a huge difference to our tumble programme.  





This year our Christmas party will be taking place on Saturday 14thDecember at Meadowburn primary school 09:00 – 11:30.  All gymnasts are able to attend the party regardless of normal training sessions – lots of games and prizes for everyone! We will put out reminders nearer the time but please put this date in your diary.    




Please remember that if you need to contact us, coaches are able tospeak to parent/cares at the start of any session while gymnasts are warming up.  You can also contact the club via email (  Thank you!  

NDP Tumble Team Championships

Please see registration times below for tumblers competing at the NDP team Championships in Bells Sports Centre, Perth on Saturday 25th May. As normal gymnasts should arrive on time for registration with competition leotard and club tracksuits. Unfortunately we don’t have enough gymnasts at each level for a team so gymnasts won’t win team medals but individual medals will also be awarded so gymnasts can win these! This is also another qualification event for the Scottish Championships later on in the year.

Lots of luck to our tumblers competing at this event – do your very best and make us proud!

08:15 – pool one

Mia Gribbon

08:25 – pool two

Esmé Lowther

11:55 – pool six

Teo Di Lieto

Medal ceremony- 14:00

13:15 – pool seven

Christina Hill

14:05 – pool eight

Jordan Ross

15:00 – pool nine

Cara McGinley

Freya Togher

16:35 – pool eleven

Holly Mardle

Medal ceremony- 18:30

FIG Acro Championships

Saturday 8th June – Ravenscraig Sports Facility, Motherwell

Registration – 11:00

6 – Erin & Eva

Registration – 11:30

8 – Jodi, Freya, Esmé

Lots of luck to our two partnerships competing at this event – go out there and give it your all!

NDP Tumble Team Championships

Bells Sports Centre – Saturday 25th May

Pool one registration – 8:10

5 – Mia Gribbon

Pool two registration – 8:25

23 – Esmé Lowther

Medals – 13:00

Pool six registration – 12:15

78 – Teo Di Lieto

Pool seven registration – 13:10

92 – Christina Hill

Pool eight registration -1:55

108 – Jordan Ross

Pool nine registration – 2:50

120 – Cara McGinley

124 – Freya Togher

Pool eleven registration – 4:15

154 – Holly Mardle

Medals – 18:30