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Scottish Tumble Championships 2018

Bells Sports Centre Perth – Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September

Please remember gymnasts should arrive on time for registration.  Please ensure long hair is tied up neatly so it won’t touch the track.  All gymnasts must have club tracksuit and competition leotard.  Thank you.


Saturday 29th September

Flight one – 08:00

1 – Eva Craig

5 – Esme Lowther

7 – Zara Duff

9 – Sienna Welsh

11 – Lara Trotter

12 – Alana Aitkenhead

13 – Holly McGonigle


Flight three – 09:50

40 – Teo Di Lieto


Flight four – 10:55

51 – Jordan Ross

55 – Ellie Coyle


Medal Presentations – 13:15


Flight five – 13:15

74 – Eva McGinley


Flight 6 – 14:15

80 – Megan Freel

82 – Ellie Barnes

84 – Mia Gribbon

86 – Eilidh McGonigle


Medal Presentations – 17:45


Sunday 30th September

Flight one – 08:00

2 – Gracie Crawford

13 – Molly Strang


Flight three – 09:50

36 – Ellie Lavy

41 – Cara McGinley


Medal Presentations – 12:00


Flight four – 12:00

43 – Daniel Geddes

49 – Holly Mardle

52 – Jennifer MacBeth

54 – Lauren Smith


Flight five – 13:00

62 – Freya Togher

64 – Christina Hill

Medal Presentations – 16:30



Registration Sessions 2018

Registration Sessions 2018

All gymnasts must be re-registered for 2018-2019.  Please see dates and times below:

Saturday 18th August – Meadowburn Primary School – 09:15 – 11:15

Monday 20th August – Meadowburn Primary School – 18:45 – 19:45

During these sessions registration/insurance fee should be paid –  £27.00 for recreational gymnasts / £51.00 for competitive gymnasts.  If there are siblings at the club then a £10.00 reduction is offered.  Please note this is an annual fee.

You will also be able to order competitive/recreational leotards.  If you’re unsure of sizing then a coach will be able to assist.

All new starts are welcome to attend the registration sessions during which you will receive all class information and sign up for the class best suited to you.  If you know of anyone who is looking to join simply pass on the details above and they can register with the club.  We look forward to meeting you all!

Tumble Scottish Qualifier – Sunday 26th August

Tumble Scottish Qualifier – Sunday 26th August 2018

The Tumble Scottish Qualifier is taking place on Sunday 26th August at Bells Sports Centre, Perth.  Please ensure that gymnasts attend all tumble training sessions prior to this competition.  If gymnasts wish to attend additional sessions please ask a coach.

Gymnasts from pool 3+ should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to warm up time listed below in case the competition is running ahead.  There is only one presentation scheduled at the end of the day at the moment but this may change on the day.  We will let you know if we receive an update.

Please ensure all gymnasts have Bishopbriggs Acro GC competition leotard and tracksuit.  Leotards can be ordered via the club and tracksuits can be ordered at the link below:


If you require to try on a tracksuit to confirm sizes please speak to a coach at the beginning of training and they can assist.


Warm up times are listed below:


Pool 1 – 09:00

Sienna Welsh

Zara Duff

Lara Trotter

Ellie Barr

Alana Aitkenhead


Pool 3 – 10:30

Eilidh McGonigle

Ellie Coyle

Megan Freel


Pool 4 – 11:15

Ellie Barnes


Pool 5 – 12:00

Eva Craig

Teo Di Lieto

Jordan Ross


Pool 6 – 13:15

Molly Strang


Pool 7 – 14:00

Holly McGonigle


Pool 8 – 14:45

Jennifer Macbeth

Christina Hill


Pool 9 – 15:15

Lauren Smith


Medal Presentation – 17:45


Good luck gymnasts!

August Newsletter 2018

Welcome Back – August 2018

Welcome back to Bishopbriggs Acro Gymnastics! We’re really looking forward to another exciting year of competitions, displays and training. We are hoping to continue to improve on our current structure and training sessions. This year we have improved coaches training and introduced new coaches to the club – this is something we are continuing to build on. We are now training across four facilities and hope this continues to benefit our gymnasts.


We are currently fundraising for a trampette and new crash mats to be used at our Meadowburn tumble sessions. This will cost roughly £2000.00 in total. We are hoping to reach our target before Christmas. We will keep you up to date with any fundraising activities. As always thank you for your support!



Registration Morning

Parents will once again have to update gymnasts on British Gymnastics insurance system. This will not be required until early September – we will advise when this is open.  As normal we will have our registration morning when insurance/club registration fee is due. Gymnasts who are competing at competitions throughout the year must be insured as a competitive gymnast. If gymnasts move from recreational to competitive throughout the year they will be asked to pay the upgrade fee of £24.00.

£51.00 competitive

£27.00 recreational

Both registration sessions are being held at Meadowburn primary school.

Dates for registration:

Saturday – 18th August 09:15 – 11:15

Monday – 20th August 18:45 – 19:45

If gymnasts don’t have any changes to contact / medical details then a new registration form will not be required.  You will still have to attend to register and make the payment though. Please ensure payment is made on the registration sessions listed above – this should not be transferred or given to a coach.


Bishopbriggs Acro Kit

All competitive gymnasts are required to have the club tracksuit which can be purchased at the link below.

Gymnasts can order leotards or shorts at the registration morning – orders won’t be accepted without payment.  Please remember that leotards are custom made and will take up to six weeks to arrive. All competitive tumblers must purchase the competitive leotard. Both of these are now compulsory.  Acrobatic gymnasts require matching leotards in their partnerships for competitions.  Gymnasts should either buy the club Acro competitive leotard or source their own leotards prior to competition. Gymnasts competing at FIG or IDP can wear skirted leotards however, all other gymnasts are unable to wear skirted leotards. We would advise that gymnasts competing at NDP 1-4 wear the club competition leotard as partnerships may change.



Huge congratulations to Gracie Crawford, Daniel Geddes, Amy Gibson and Gemma McLetchie who competed at the British NDP Finals in July. All gymnasts were fantastic representatives for our club. We were exceptionally proud of Gemma who won the gold medal in her category and is now British Champion – an amazing achievement.



Our next tumble competition is taking place on August 26th 2017. This is for gymnasts who haven’t yet qualified for the Scottish Championships or for gymnasts who are moving up a level. Warm up times will be posted have been posted on our website and Facebook page.  Please ensure gymnasts competing at this event maintain good attendance.  Please keep up to date with competitions via our ‘Dates for your Diary’ section of the website. If competitive gymnasts are unavailable for any dates please advise a coach ASAP.


Please remember that good attendance within the club is very important. If gymnasts miss a session, leave early or arrive late to training it has a detrimental impact on partnerships. For each session there is a coaching plan in place which takes into consideration space, equipment, competitions and several other factors. If gymnasts miss training or aren’t there for the full session it may mean they miss crucial parts of training. We understand this cannot always be adhered to so if this is this case please advise a coach so the session plan can be amended if possible.


Club Display

We will not be having our club display in December this year due to other commitments. Our next club display will be June 2019.  Instead of our club display we will be organising in-house
competitions in both Acro and Tumble. Once we have confirmed dates for these we will let you know!

Club Updates

Please remember that club updates will be mainly made via Facebook and the club website. With over 150 members we struggle to have letters for every update. You can follow the
website and all posts will then be emailed directly to you! Parents are very welcome to speak to coaches at the beginning of training to ask any questions!


Bishopbriggs Aco Gymnastics June 2018 Newsletter

As always our gymnasts are busy and working hard! We’ve had some big changes recently – now our tumble and acrobatic sessions are completely separate.  We’re looking forward to seeing gymnasts continue to progress in both disciplines.


Our tumble track is now being used at our Meadowburn tumble sessions.  Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed to helping us reach our target.

We are looking to fundraise for new crash mats and a trampette to improve our tumble classes further.  This will cost in total roughly £2000.00!

We will keep you up to date with fundraising activities after the holidays to help us reach our new target.  Any ideas would be welcomed!

Cancelled Dates for your Diary

Please see below list of upcoming cancelled sessions.  If any other dates are cancelled we will add this to the ‘Dates for your Diary’ section of the website and post on Facebook.

Friday 15th June @ Kelvinhall

Saturday 16th June @ Dynamite Gymnastics Club

Coaching Update

Holly Kelly is attending her UKCC L1 Acro course during the summer.

Holly Mardle is attending her UKCC L2 Acro course later on in the year.

Hopefully we will have other coaches gaining new qualifications too!

Club Updates

Please remember that club updates will be mainly made via Facebook and the club website.  With over 150 members we struggle to have letters for every update.  You can follow the website and all posts will then be emailed directly to you!

Upcoming Competitions 2018

Please add the below dates to your diaries for our competitive gymnasts.

15th – 17th June – Tumble Regional Team Finals

6th – 8th July – Tumble NDP Finals

26th – 27th August – Tumble Scottish Championships Qualifier

16th September – Scottish Acro Tournament

27th October – Lunar Tumble Invitational

28th October – Lunar Acro Invitational

Any additional competition dates will be added to the ‘Dates for your Diary’ section of our website.

If any of our competitive gymnasts are unavailable on any dates below please advise a coach ASAP.

Club Tracksuits

We now have our new Nike club tracksuits.  These are available from the PSL website.  If unsure of sizing coaches will be able to assist.

From August ALL competitive gymnasts will require the club tracksuit for competitions.  Thank you!

Club Leotards

From August it will be compulsory that all competitive Tumble gymnasts wear the club leotard for competitions.  Acro gymnasts will be able to purchase the club leotard or a matching leotard with their partner(s).  We would recommend that lower level gymnasts wear the club leotards as partnerships may change more frequently.  These can be ordered directly from the club.

Fun Day

On Saturday 23rd June we will be having a fun day at our Meadowburn Training Session.  This will be 09:00 – 11:30 and all gymnasts will be welcome to attend.  If gymnasts don’t normally attend this session we would ask for a donation of £3.00 per gymnast to add to our fundraising pot.  Please wear normal gymnastics attire as we will have gymnastics activities.

Summer Programme

After our fun day we will be moving to our summer training programme.  If you don’t have a copy of this please ask a coach at any session.  Please remember that standing orders must remain in place or gymnasts will not be permitted to return to training in August.  Thank you!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the club via email or speak to a coach at the beginning of any training session.  Unfortunately coaches cannot respond to any correspondence directly outwith coaching hours and will not provide personal contact numbers.  Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you again to all parents/carers for your continued support.