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Dynamite Invitational 2018

Date: Sunday 28th January 2018

Location: Dynamite Gymnastics Club, 12 North Ave, Clydebank G81 2QP

Please see warm up times below and competition numbers – gymnasts should remember their competition numbers.  Please ensure gymnasts arrive with hair tied back neatly, competition leotards and club tracksuits.

09:15 Warm up

84 – Jamie Dale

86 – Teo Di Lieto

135 – Ailie Hutchison

138 – Eva McGinley

Medal Presentation – 10:15


10:00 Warm up

62 – Lucy McKenzie

152 – Eva Spence

154 – Rachel Hulmes

156 – Emily Strang

35 – Ellie Barr

43 – Alana Aitkenhead


10:45 Warm up

203 – Cara McGinley


Medals – 11:45


12:15 Warm up

121 – Mia Gribbon

125 – Eilidh McGonigle

128 – Ellie Coyle

94 – Molly Strang

4 – Katie Parker

8 – Abbie Campbell


13:00 Warm up

141 – Jordan Ross

96 – Megan Freel

98 – Ellie Barnes

100 – Nadia Connaghan


13:45 Warm up

178 – Christina Hill

22 – Jessica Reid


Medal Presentation – 14:45


14:45 Warm up

68 – Esme Lowther

73 – Eva Craig

158 – Gracie Crawford

159 – Jennifer MacBeth

28 – Zara Duff

31 – Grace Campbell

32 – Ava Hendry


15:30 Warm up

81- Holly McGonigle

166 – Lauren Smith


16:15 Warm up

206 – Holly Mardle

193 – Freya Togher

196 – Amy Gibson

199 – Amy Hulmes



Acrobatic Invitational 2018 – 20th & 21st January

Ravenscraig Sports Centre – 1 O’Donnell Way, Wishaw, Motherwell ML1 2TZ

Please see below warm up times for the Acro Invitational in January 2018.  A busy and exciting event with lots of clubs travelling from down south to compete.

Saturday 20th January 2018

08:30 – 35 – Amy, Amy, Esme

08:30 – 122B – Jodi, Eva – Balance

11:30 – 130B Ellie, Sophie, Gemma – Balance

13:00 – 4 – Eva, Cara

16:00 – 48 – Emily, Molly

16:30 – 130T – Ellie, Sophie, Gemma – Dynamic

17:00 – 88T – Rachel, Eilidh – Dynamic

17:00 – 91T – Freya, Gracie – Dynamic

Medals approx 19:30


Sunday 21st January 2018

08:15 – 91B – Freya, Gracie – Balance

09:00 – 88B – Rachel, Eilidh – Balance

11:00 – 114T – Jade, Cara, Mia – Dynamic

13:30 – 114B – Jade, Cara, Mia – Balance

Medals approx 16:15

December Newsletter

We’re almost at the end of another very successful year for Bishopbriggs Acro! Well done to all of our gymnasts who have been fantastic throughout and a big thank you to all parents/carers who have supported them.


We are continuing to fundraise at the club. We’re looking to purchase a new 18m air track! At our club display we have lots of fundraising activities that will add to our pot. Our current total is £650.00 and we are looking to raise £6000.00! At the display we will have:
 50 square
 Raffle
 Guess the Teddy’s Birthday
 Home Baking
We would appreciate any donations for our raffle and home baking stall. Thank you in advance! All profits from the above will be added to our fundraising total. If anyone has any other ideas please get in touch.

Club Display

Our club display this year is being held at Avondale, Donaldson Road, Larkhall, ML9 2SS on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December. We’re really looking forward to this event with the full club involved.

Please see warm up times below:

Friday 1st December – 17:30
Saturday 2nd December – 14:30

Please note it’s very important that gymnasts arrive on time for warm up and remember to bring all costumes with them. Last year we had lots of costumes muddled up so please ensure all gymnasts have a bag with them so they can put everything away carefully.

Gymnasts should arrive wearing their first costume – this will be their colourful leotard! Girls taking part in the display will have hair in two dutch plaits. If you can do this for arrival that would be great. If not we have plenty of helpers that can do this but please do bring a brush and two small bobbles. We will be putting glitter on gymnasts hair and faces – if any gymnast is not allowed or allergic please let a coach know.

Doors will be open to spectators 30 minutes prior to the display commencing. Please note that no seats will be reserved.

Display DVDS

You can order your display DVD now! We have hired a recommended company who have experience of recording gymnastics displays. DVDs are only £15.00 and will be a great memory to keep forever! Please ensure your order in made before the display. Thank you.

Christmas Hamper

Our Christmas hamper raffle is ongoing! Tickets are only £1.00 per strip and all money raised will be used to buy more prizes and treats for our Christmas party. All gymnasts will get lots of prizes and sweeties – team games and fun for everyone. Please remember the Christmas party is for everyone regardless of normal training session. Our Christmas hamper is fantastic with lots of treats – wine, prosecco, chocolate etc. etc. The raffle will be drawn at our display. Don’t miss out!

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 9th December – Jumblies Acro Competition
Saturday 16th December – Christmas Party @ Meadowburn
Tuesday 19th December – Final training session
Monday 8th January – All training sessions return

Please enjoy your break over Christmas!

Coaching Update

This year our coaches have made lots of progress which we’re very proud of.

Emma Owen and Jane McLetchie both passed UKCC L2 Acro. This is a difficult exam with complex skills involved. Our coaches worked hard in the gym beforehand and have continued to do so.

Holly Mardle and Fiona Glen passed UKCC L1 Acro. Again both coaches worked hard in the gym practicing their handling skills and improving their confidence.

Stuart Langan and Clare Lavelle passed UKCC L3 modules 1 & 2 Tumble. Another difficult exam supporting difficult tumble skills such as double tuck somersaults!

Heather Mardle attended the UKCC L3 Acro modules and is currently awaiting her exam. She is now using her knowledge and practicing handling skills for her upcoming exam.

Claire McLauchlan and Emma Owen both passed their revalidation for Acro Judging. Another difficult exam with lots of prior revision required.

Finally, both Heather Mardle and Holly Kelly attended UKCC L1 Tumble and are awaiting their exam. Both are continuing to work hard in the gym and looking forward to their exam.

Well done to all the coaches and a big thank you to all the gymnasts that helped them!

Club Updates

Please remember that club updates will be mainly made via Facebook and the club website. With over 100 members we struggle to have letters for every update. You can follow the website and all posts will then be emailed directly to you!

2018 Competitions

Please add the below dates to your diaries for our competitive gymnasts.

20th & 21st January – Scottish Invitational Acro

29th January – Dynamite Tumble Invitational

10th, 11th February – Tumble NDP Regional Team Finals Pre-Qualifier

3rd, 4th March – NDP Scottish Acro Championships

24th March – Tumble NDP Regional Team Finals Qualifier

15th – 17th June – Tumble Regional Team Finals

6th – 8th July – Tumble NDP Finals

Any additional dates will be added to the ‘Dates for your Diary’ section of our website.  Please note that entry fees will be due not long after we return in January – we will try to give you as much notice as possible.

Nike T-Shirts

We will have Nike T-shirts with the club logo on the back for sale at the club display. We will have the following sizes:

Junior small 8-10 yrs

Junior Medium 10-12 yrs

Junior Large 12-13 yrs

Junior Extra Large 13-15 yrs

Adult small

We will have red, blue, black and white T-shirts however, we only have a few in stock to see how popular they are and we will order more after Christmas if required! A great Christmas present for our gymnasts.

Child sizes – £15.00 Adult sizes – £20.00

We can’t reserve any T-shirts before the display, they will be sold on a first come first served basis. Thank you!


We have a new Instagram page and will no longer be using our old one – Bishopbriggs_acro_gymnastics
Follow us to keep up to date with our amazing gymnasts!

Thank you

We’re have a very busy year with competitions, displays, extra training, rehearsals etc. so a big thank you to all parents/carers for ensuring our gymnasts got to all of these. Without your commitment we wouldn’t be where we are! We’ll be very busy when we return after Christmas with the lots of competitions as soon as we return so lots of rest over the holidays please!

Middlesbrough 2017

Please remember that our Middlesbrough gymnasts have training after the full rehearsal at Avondale on Sunday 19th November 15:30 – 17:00.  This will be focused on routine work so should be full partnerships only.  We really appreciate gymnasts commitment at this very busy time!

Please see below competition numbers and warm up times for the competition weekend.

Competition Address: Unit 2, Hartlepool Workshops, Usworth Road, Hartlepool, TS25 1PD


Saturday 25th November 2017

101/114  – Mia Gribbon, Jade McLetchie, Cara McGinley – 08:30 – Dynamic

122/132 – Gracie Crawford, Freya Togher –  08:30 – Balance

124/135  – Eilidh McGonigle, Rachel Hulmes – 08:30  –  Balance

128/136 – Hannah Burr, Erin Gribbon – 08:30 – Balance

44 – Esme Lowther, Amy Gibson, Amy Hulmes – 10:00


7 – Holly McGonigle, Megan Freel – 13:00

61 –  Cara Haine, Cara McGinley – 13:30

64 –  Molly Strang, Emily Strang – 13:30


Sunday 26th November 2017

91 – Brooke Peddie, Aimee McInally, Tina Hill – 08:30

TBC – Ava Hendry, Ailie Hutchison, Eva Spence – 08:30

144 – Gemma McLetchie, Ellie Lavy, Sophie Hamilton – 11:30 – Balance

135/159 – Eva Craig, Jodi Toland – 10:00 – Balance

Please remember all gymnasts should bring competition leotards and club tracksuits.  If you have any questions please speak to a coach at training.  Thank you!

Middlesbrough 2014


Jumblies – Saturday 9th December 2017

Date: Saturday 9th December 2017

Location: Ravenscraig, 1 O’Donnell Way, Wishaw, Motherwell ML1 2TZ

Please see warm up times, competition numbers and team names listed below:


09:15 Warm up

7 – Jessica Reid, Lara Trotter – Snowmen

9 – Megan Freel, Holly McGonigle – Fairies

46 – Christy Bullock-Walker, Tamsin Gray, Brooke Haldane – Cracker

70 – Ailie Hutchison, Eva Spence, Ava Hendry –  Canes

75 – Freya Togher, Gracie Crawford –  Stars

77 – Erin Gribbon, Hannah Burr  – Snowflakes

79 – Rachel Hulmes, Eilidh McGonigle – Stockings


12:00 Warm up

22 – Eva McGinley, Cara Haine – Tinsel

65 – Amy Gibson, Amy Hulmes, Esme Lowther – Trees

81 – Jade McLetchie, Cara McGinley, Mia Gribbon – Santas


Medals – 15:00

Please ensure gymnasts are on time for warm up.  All gymnasts should bring competition leotards and club tracksuits.  As this is a Christmas competition gymnasts are welcome to put tinsel in their hair! If you have any questions please speak to a coach at any training session.  Thank you!