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Tumble Club League 3

Date: Sunday 22nd April

Location: Urban Gymnastics Club, Lambhill St, Glasgow G41 1AU

Gymnasts should arrive on time for registration with leotard, club tracksuit and hair tied back neatly.  Please see registration times below:

Pool 1 – 09:45

2 – Abbie Campbell

10 – Olivia Kay

13 – Louisa McDonald


Pool 2 – 10:30

18 – Katie Parker

25 – Marielle McGinty

26 – Hannah Fenby

30 – Orla Togher

31 – Sophie Pollard

32 – Sienna Welsh


Pool 3 – 11:15

38 – Muireann Andersn

41 – Lucy McKenzie

44 – Zara Duff

46 – Ria McDonald


Pool 4 – 12:00

51 – Lucy Kelso

55 – Jessica Reid

59 – Alana Aitkenhead

61 – Francesca McKenna

63 – Ellie Barr


13:30 Medal Presentation


Good luck to all of our tumblers!!




Tumble Club League 2 – 25th March 2018

Dynamite Gymnastics Club: Unit 1, 12 North Ave, Clydebank G81 2QP


Please see warm up times below.  Gymnasts should arrive on time for warm up with hair tied back neatly.


Pool One – 12:30

Marielle McGinty

Sophie Pollard

Louise McDonald

Katie Parker

Abbie Campbell

Olivia Kay

Lara Glen


Pool Two – 13:00

Amber Dougherty

Eva Royle

Hannah Fenby

Olivia Mackie

Orla Togher

Katie Bowles

Sienna Welsh


Pool Three – 14:00

Tamsin Gray

Lucy Kelso

Jessica Reid

Ria McDonald

Alana Aitkenhead

Zara Duff

Francesca McKenna

Muirann Anderson

Ellie Barr


Pool Four – 14:30

Sondos Pfluger

Ava Halliday

Lucy McKenzie

Medal Presentation – 16:15

Bishopbriggs Aco Gymnastics March Newsletter

We’re currently having a very busy time in the gym! Competitions in both Acro and Tumble with lots of training in between.  Our Recreational classes are now full and new gymnasts are already progressing well.  We’re looking to change our class structure so that we can improve our sessions and are hoping to implement this after the Easter break!



Due to the continued generosity of our parents/carers and excellent fundraising team we were able to purchase a new airtrack.  The air track is 18m long and we also purchased a run up.  This will allow gymnasts to practice full runs.  The air track is good as it reduces impact and therefore injury is reduced.  We are sure this will only enhance our tumble section of the club and enable more gymnasts to become competitive.

As always we’re running more fundraising activities to raise money to improve the club.  All money raised is always for our gymnasts! Thank you once again for all your support.


Cancelled Dates for your Diary

Please see below list of upcoming cancelled sessions.  If any other dates are cancelled we will add this to the ‘Dates for your Diary’ section of the website and post on Facebook.

Sunday 25th March                              Saturday 31st March

Sunday 1st April                                    Monday 2nd April

Wednesday 4th April                           Saturday 7th April

Monday 9th April                                  Wednesday 11th April

Saturday 14th April                               Wednesday 2nd May

Monday 7th May                                   Saturday 26th May

Monday 28th May                                 Monday 4th June


Additional Training

Partnerships competing at the Acro Scottish Championships should attend training at Avondale on Sunday 18th March 13:00 – 17:00.  Spectators are welcome to watch routines from 16:00.

Coaching Update

Emma Owen is attending her UKCC L1 Tumble course at the end of March.  Lots of luck!



Upcoming Competitions 2018

Please add the below dates to your diaries for our competitive gymnasts.

23rd March – Scottish Acro Championships

24th March – Tumble NDP Regional Team Finals Qualifier

25th March – Scottish Acro Championships

25th March – Tumble Club League 2

22nd April – Tumble Club League 3

5th – 6th May – Inter Regional Southampton Competition

19th May – Lanark Invitational Tumble Competition

20th May – Lanark Invitational Acro Competition

26th May – Tumble Club Grade Championships

26th – 27th May – Tumble NDP Team Championships

15th – 17th June – Tumble Regional Team Finals

6th – 8th July – Tumble NDP Finals


Any additional competition dates will be added to the ‘Dates for your Diary’ section of our website.


Club Tracksuits

We’re looking to change our club tracksuit to a new brand.  We’re hoping this change will be happening very soon! As soon as we have more information we will let you know and provide details of how to order.  Any current orders will be in hold with PSL until further notice.  Thank you!


Club Leotards

We have new club leotards for both our Recreational and Competitive gymnasts.   After the summer it will be compulsory that all competitive Tumble gymnasts wear the club leotard for competitions.  Acro gymnasts will be able to purchase the club leotard or a matching leotard with their partner(s).  We would recommend that lower level gymnasts wear the club leotards as partnerships may change more frequently.

Thank you

Thank you again to all parents/carers for your continued support.

Tumble NDP RTF Qualifier – 24th March

The Peak, Stirling Sports Village, Forthside Way, Stirling FK8 1QZ


Pool 1 – Registration 08:30

Teo Di Lieto

Jamie Dale

Gemma McLetchie

Holly McGonigle

Eva Craig

Esme Lowther


Pool 2 – Registration 08:45

Megan Freel

Ellie Barnes

Christy Bullock-Walker

Molly Strang


Pool 3 – Registration 09:45

Eilidh McGonigle

Ellie Coyle

Mia Gribbon


Pool 5 – Registration 11:00

Eva McGinley

Lauren Smith


Pool 7 – Registration 12:30

Rachel Hulmes



Pool 9 – Registration 14:30

Tina Hill


Pool 10 – Registration 15:15

Gracie Crawford

Jennifer MacBeth


Pool 11 – Registration 16:00

Amy Gibson

Amy Hulmes

Freya Togher

Cara McGinley

Daniel Geddes

Ellie Lavy


Pool 12 – Registration 16:45

Holly Mardle


Presentation – 18:30


Scottish Acro Championships 2018

Date: Saturday 3rd March 2018

Location: Bells Sports Centre, Hay St, Perth PH1 5HS

We have received arrival times for the Acro Scottish Championships.  Gymnasts will be height checked at the times listed below so please ensure you are on time.  Gymnasts should bring competition leotards, club tracksuits and lots of water.

There will be a medal ceremony at lunch time for morning competitors!  Grade 5 and IDP will only receive combined medals at this event so these will take place at the end of the day after both routines have been performed.

We’d like to remind our gymnasts how important attendance at all sessions is.  We have recently had poor attendance from some partnerships which is having a detrimental impact on progress.  We only have 4 sessions remaining and have a lot of work to do!


Arrival time – 08:45

104 – Freya & Gracie

69 – Emily & Molly

99 – Erin & Hannah

101 – Rachel & Eilidh

125 – Jodi & Eva

129 – Ellie, Sophie & Gemma

14 – Megan & Brooke

19 – Jessica & Lara

133 – Jade, Cara & Mia

Medal Ceremony – 12:40


Arrival time – 13:00

58 – Amy, Amy & Esme

31 – Eva & Cara

93 – Aimee, Tina & Holly

Medal Ceremony – 18:00


Good luck to all of our gymnasts taking part in this event.  Do your very best and make yourself proud!