Month: January 2013

Extra Sessions before Scottish

We have managed to organise several extra sessions before the Scottish for both Acro and Tumbling.


Sunday 3rd February, East Kilbride, 10-12.  All gymnasts tumbling at the Scottish should attend and also attend normal training afterwards – Holly Kelly, Holly Mardle, Heather Mardle, Ellie Lavy, Becky Daly, Fiona Glen, Sarah Finlay, Anna Begen and Dani Thomson. These sessions will be £4.00 each and gymnasts should pay this money in a sealed envelope beforehand.

There will also be two extra sessions at Yoker Sports Centre on Monday 18th and 25th of February from 5-6.30.  These sessions will cost £2.00 each and the same gymnasts should attend.


Two Avondale sessions have been arranged for Friday 8th and 22nd of February from 7-9.30.  All Sunday gymnasts should attend as well as Ella Kelly and Amy Paterson.  £5.00 should be paid on the night and gymnasts who have their own competition leotards should bring them to these sessions and to all Sunday sessions from now on.

If you have any questions about these sessions please speak to a coach at the end of training.



Club Lottery

The winner this week is Tina Thomson with number 11!

Please ensure all lottery payments are kept up to date or you will miss out on the draw.  Non-payment for two weeks will result in you losing your number.  All lottery money should be handed in to a coach or Tina in a sealed envelope with your name and ‘Lottery’ marked on it.

There are still numbers available to pick so please speak to Tina at the end of training on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.

Thank you.

Fees Reminder

The club would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that monthly training fees should be paid by the date stated on the envelope every month.  All gymnasts should be paying the amount stated on the envelope regardless of whether or not they have attended all sessions.  The club has to cover the costs of wages and lets for each session regardless of how many gymnasts are at each of the sessions.  If a gymnast is injured or is suffering from a long term illness the Treasurer will amend the monthly envelope accordingly.  Otherwise, monthly fees MUST BE PAID IN FULL with no exceptions.

If more than the amount stated on the envelope is paid, this will be deducted from the following month’s fees.

We appreciate that the majority of parents are aware of this but wanted to ensure this is clear to everyone  involved with the club.  If you have any questions regarding monthly fees, please email the club.

Thank you.

Club Lottery

The winner for the first week of the Club Lottery is Laura McMillan with number 13!!

The lottery will be done every week from now on so please ensure you keep your payments up to date.  Any money for the lottery should be put in an envelope with your name and ‘Lottery’ marked on it and handed in to a coach or Tina Thomson at the end of any session.

There are still numbers available to pick so please speak to Tina at the end of training on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.


Avondale Sessions

An Avondale session has been arranged for Friday 18th January 2013.  Apologies for the short notice but we only received the confirmation today.  The session will take place from 7.00-9.30 which means we will have an extra 30mins in the gym.  Gymnasts should pay £5.00 on the night and if gymnasts have their own competition leotards, please bring these with you to the session.  Please arrive on time and be ready to start at 7.00.

The following gymnasts should attend – Emma Leadbetter, Heather Mardle, Ellie Lavy, Fiona Glen, Codie Mcinally, Karen Whitelaw, Shannon McInnes, Becky Daly, Jess Daly, Ainslie Bennett, Aimee McInally, Hazel Howat, Dani Thomson, Holly Mardle, Anna Begen, Jennifer Miller, Sarah Finlay, Holly Kelly, Cara McGinley, Kirsty Kane, Sophie Gray, Ellie Stewart, Ella Kelly and Amy Paterson.

We hope to have another two sessions at Avondale before the Scottish – 8th and 22nd February  – and as soon as we receive confirmation, the website will be updated.

If gymnasts need lifts to and from Avondale please try and make arrangements with your partners or speak to a coach.  Thanks.